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Kampagne für Solidarität mit Geflüchteten


WHY WE ARE DOING THIS [Read German Version]

In our opinion Germany has a particular responsibility towards people, who are in danger in their home country. We do not differentiate whether these people are threatened by war, civil strife, racism, discrimination, oppression or famine. We want all of us to be able to live self-determined and in dignity and safety. Refugees make use of a fundamental human right. Nobody leaves their homes without a reason. Just the same could happen to you.

What if your house is bombed, your village is burned down, your children cannot go to school anymore? What if you cannot find a job to feed your family, what if you are being persecuted because of your beliefs or disbeliefs? What if you or your family are being raped and physically abused? What if your child is being forced into military service? What if your are suffering from hunger and you can no longer feed your family?