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Kampagne für Solidarität mit Geflüchteten

olaf schubert

WHO WE ARE [Read German Version]

We barbecue with Syrian engineers, who, together with their children, walked from Turkey to Berlin. We study maths with teenagers from Kosovo. We shoot a movie on deportation with Doha, who exactly knows how deportations work. Together with refugees we record our campaign song. We have fun together, we master challenges. We no longer differentiate between us and them. We establish new friendships, which broaden our horizons. "It is a giving and taking" Mc Nuri from Daghestain raps...

We are ordinary people, like you and me. We live in Europe. Some of us have German passports, some of us have temporary visa, some do not. We are between 17 and 77 years old. Still we are just a few. Together with you we want to become many. Because we want to make a change. We don't merely want to dream of a better world. We want to take action.