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Kampagne für Solidarität mit Geflüchteten

WHAT TO DO: [Read German Version]

Here we provide you with some information on how you can get involved and stay informed on the topics flight, asylum and migration:

UNHCR: The English website of the UN High Commissioner informs you on their work and the worldwide refugee situation.

PROASYL: PRO ASYL is an independent human rights organisation, which since more than 25 years is fighting for the rights of refugees in Germany and Europe. Worldwide more than 45 millions of people had to flee their homes: From war, persecution, violence or the destruction of their livelihood. Thereby only relatively few refugees suceed in overcoming the European borders, which are increasingly sealed off by high security measures.

How can I help? How can I stay informed? - A collection of human rights projects and initiatives for refugees in Germany.

BAMF: The official homepage of the German Ministry for Migration and Refugees offers an overview of the German refugee and migration law, as well as the newest numbers and statistics. The information network Asyl (Asylum) offers more demanding topic-specific information on the jurisdiction concerning asylum law. This website provides texts and reports on the situation in countries of origin of refugees. It is run by ACCORD (a department of the Austrian Red Cross) and Informationsverbund Asyl & Migration (Asylum & Migration Information Network, a German NGO).

Landesflüchtlingsräte: The 16 Federal Refugee Councils of the German Federal Countries are independent associations and members of the BAG PRO ASYL. They work together with organisations, counselling centres, refugee self-held groups, initiatives and individuals.

Federal Refugee Council in Berlin:

Hilfe für Flüchtlinge - Berlinweit lokale Initiativen:

Federal Refugee Council Berlin - Collaboration

Federal Refugee Council Berlin - Links

List with movies dealing with the topics asylum and the causes of flight

Standing Up in the Airplane