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Kampagne für Solidarität mit Geflüchteten

#aufstehen in Mauerpark [Read German Version]

On Sunday, September 6th, the team of #aufstehen met for a call-for-action at Mauerpark. The feedback was stunning! People of all ages and different backgrounds stepped in front of our camera showing their solidarity with refugees. It makes us more than happy to see all those committed people who stand up for people in need. Due to the great interest we are already busy planning the next event.


On June 15. 2015 at 15:00 in the middle of the Alexanderplatz in Berlin our campaign first saw the light of the world. Now it is the world that needs to see our campaign. Join Us! It is very easy.

We want to thank all curious, spontaneous, enthusiastic people, all refugees, all supporters, the press, as well as our good old friends Ulrike Frank and Benno Fürmann, who helped #aufstehen from the outset.

#aufstehen at the BRANDENBURGER TOR

In April, during the Corasol solemn vigil at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, we, as "the airline that does not take off when people who want to stay here in Germany are being deported", for the first time invited people passing by to stand up from our airplane seats in order to show solidarity with refugees. Surprinsingly many people took part.

#aufstehen in KREUZBERG

Svenja, Arata and Christine ask Kreuzberg to stand up.


"We soccer players from FSV Hansa 07 from Kreuzberg have always been a club, who supports people with all kinds of backgrounds. Since we have implemented several projects for more tolerance, respect and against homophobia, amongst others "Champions without borders", the decision to take part in the campaign #aufstehen for solidarity with refugees was not difficult for us. We, as an entire soccer club, hope that we can thereby contribute to the improvement of the situation of refugees."

vive la révolution! Tilman Stürmer


We aks Comedian Olaf Schubert to explain to us how standing up physically works.